A New Perfume for Your Wedding

Given the title of the post, you will be forgiven for thinking that I will discussing what new perfumes you could consider wearing on your wedding day. Unfortunately it is quite simply, the opposite.

It seems as though someone out there has created another expense for couples to adopt when getting married. That is to buy, and wear a new perfume on your wedding day, so that whenever you smell it, you think of your special day.

Ok, I understand there is some sentiment in there, but seriously, weddings cost enough as it is. Plus as someone who has worn the same perfume for some years now, I would much rather smell familiar to my partner, than I would  smell ‘of someone else!’.

This is of course just my opinion, but if you are thinking of buying new perfume for your wedding day, why not buy a big bottle of your favourite perfume, instead of buying something new?

Will you be wearing your signature perfume or something new, on your wedding day?

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