How to invite a guest and not their partner

Guest listSometimes the budget doesn’t stretch to include friend’s partners or if they are in a new relationship you might not be ready to extend the invitation just yet. As we know, weddings are expensive and it is hard to justify the expense of feeding someone you hardly know!

So how do you avoid an awkward situation?

Give friends the heads-up, early in the planning process. If you are sending Save-the-Date invitations, put only the name(s) of the person/ people who are invited. If you are not inviting their partner, it doesn’t hurt to have a small comment that says something like ‘We really hope that you will be able to join us on our special day.  Our budget is only allowing us to invite our very closest friends and family, meaning unfortunately we are only able to invite (their partner’s name) to the evening reception’.

People don’t tend to mind if they are told. It is the uncertainty that causes confusion and frustration. Don’t think that just because you have only put one person’s name on the invite, that they won’t think they can bring a plus one!

It is also a good idea use a similar message on the actual invites as a reminder. And remember, if a friend mentions their excitement at attending your wedding, before the save-the-dates or invitations are sent, and you know that you are not inviting their partner, mention it then to avoid embarrassment later.

Did you find this useful? Why not let us know what you think in the comment section below or forward it to a bride-to-be.

Happy planning

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