Handmade Paper Flowers

Alternative bouquets are becoming more and more popular at weddings, from bouquets made of brooches to buttons but why not one made of paper? I really love the style of the bouquet made of brooches but the ones I have seen have been really heavy and for this reason, I would be put off. Paper however has a wealth of options, from coloured and patterned, to sheet music or pages from a special book.

Paper flowers are great because they are affordable and compared to real flowers they will last forever, and for hay-fever suffers- they have the added advantage of not making you sneeze!

They can be made in a variety of different styles and sizes and they are really light-weight.

Here at Handmade Weddings we have been making paper flower bouquets for a while now. From roses to origami flowers we have tried different techniques and papers, including maps, books, sheet music and now…… comic books!

Now forgive me, but do men really care about which flowers you have at a wedding? Personally I think most of the men I know would be super happy with a button hole made from a comic book… even better if it was a Super Man comic! And so to our next project.

cartoon flowers May2013

But for now here is a picture of the bouquet we have made from a Beryl Comic book.

Why not also look at our other paper flower bouquets, we especially love the button holes.


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