Wedding tip: How many people to invite?

images-9The size of a wedding is often determined by budget and/or family expectations.

All too often we hear couples who want an intimate wedding and before you know it friends of their parents have been invited, along with distant relatives. The size of the wedding is now well over 100 and the budget is being stretched.

So how to avoid it? I am a firm believer in couples sitting down with each other when they get engaged to understand what type of wedding they both want, and can afford. This way the expectations of family and friends can be met, and hopefully there will be fewer conflicts along the way.

Be specific, tell your parents that you want an intimate wedding, either because of budget or preference, and remind them that this means not to invite anyone, without confirmation from you first that they will be on the invite list. The earlier this conversation is had, the better.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to write the guest list as soon as possible. Doing this will give you an idea of the size of wedding you are looking at, and provide a realistic view of whether or not you might need to reduce the numbers. 70 people might seem a lot but it is in fact only 15 family members each and 10 friends with partners! When put like that, you might find you do in fact want a larger wedding.


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