Wedding Traditions – tying tin cans to the back of the wedding car

images-14When it comes to weddings there are lots of traditions that many couples choose to follow. These vary by country, culture and era!

Today we thought we would look at the tradition/superstition of why tin cans are tied to the back of the wedding car when the happy couple leave their reception.

It is thought that this tradition first began as a way of protecting the marriage by warding off any evil spirits, as the couple start their journey together. Nowadays they are used as a way of drawing attention the wedding car as the couple leave for their first night together as man and wife (they can make quite a lot of noise!).

Well in our eyes, if it is good enough for Wills and Kate, it is good enough for us. On that note, did we mention that we sell personalised tin cans for the wedding car? Terrible plug, we know 🙂


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