Wedding Umbrellas – Come Rain or Shine

f5a7e9ffcf038e70dec142546b64e784Considering the weather right now, you might think it a little odd to be discussing wedding umbrellas? But seeing as though umbrellas can be used at a summer wedding to add colour to photos, as well as to protect you from the rain, it isn’t such an odd post after all!

In my group of friends there is a ‘lucky’ wedding umbrella. The first of our friends to get married bought a pretty white umbrella, just incase it rained, but luckily it didn’t. Not having a need for it any more, she passed it on to the next of our friends to get married…..and again it didn’t rain. And so the tradition continues and, so far each bride has been graced with good weather. Here’s hoping I haven’t just jinxed it (I am reaching out to touch a piece of wood as I type!).

Let’s be honest, it makes sense to have an umbrella ready on your wedding day, just in case…. or for luck! And whilst it doesn’t have to be one that you buy especially for the occasion, if you do decide to buy a new one, there are some lovely ones out there.

b12f20e4910e1e850bf898cb96a37aceSomething different from Zita Elze.

In this current hot weather, a parasol would also be great to keep the sun off of you both, or if you opt for brightly coloured ones, they can look lovely as props in the photographs.

done4-reception-003Umbrellas can even feature in the honeymoon photos!

We have put together some of the best ones on a board on Pinterest,  from vintage lace to heart shaped, with prices and links to the relevant websites. And as an added bonus, we have also featured some gorgeous wedding photographs that are using umbrellas as props.

Happy planning

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